Lazarus Committee

The Lazarus Committee tries to meet the needs of bereaved at the time of the funeral and to some extent in the follow-up period. It consists of 57 volunteers who provide food for luncheons and wakes (those held in the chapel), baby-sitting, house sitting, hospitality during the Mass and whatever else is needed during the days of the funeral. These services are offered to the families of all parishioners who die in the parish. A prayer line has been established to pray for the deceased. We have one volunteer who sends letters offering help after the funeral and supplies a list of support groups. Also, a booklet on how to cope with grief through prayers and Scripture is sent to each family. This service is extended to all parishioners who have lost a loved one, and to out-of-parish families of parishioners who have been buried here.

Every first Sunday in November a special liturgy for the deceased of the parish and deceased family members of parishioners is celebrated at 10:30 a.m. mass. This is followed by a reception for all the bereaved whether they are active members of St. Mary's or not.

The members of the Lazarus committee feel that by our feeble efforts and the work of the Holy Spirit, the Presence of God is felt by the bereaved of St. Mary's at a time when they are most vulnerable. We come together twice a year in prayer to worship our God and His goodness and to ask for His guidance in our ministry. We share experiences and discuss how to make our services more available and more comforting to our people. We thank God that He has given us the ability, the health and the talents to do this ministry.

The Lazarus Committee is prepared to offer at the time of a funeral the following:

  1. Hospitality at funeral Mass and wake if held in the church (all funerals).

  3. Help with funeral luncheon-

  4. a. serve in church or home
    b. supply desserts
    C. help with cleanup in church
    d. complete luncheon
    e. refreshments at wake if held in church

  5. House sitting during wake and funeral-

  6. a. babysitting, etc.

  7. Whatever is needed-

  8. a. transportation?

  9. Follow-up

  10. a. Booklet with scripture readings and help for bereaved sent 2-3 weeks after funeral
    b. Mass for deceased members of our parish family and reception following. Held in Nov.

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