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This Directory is organized by Ministry Area

Christian Formation: Ministries that further Christian Education and Spiritual Development
Liturgy: Ministries that concern community worship
Parish Life: Ministries that promote community and social events
Social Outreach: Ministries that provide services to the community
Christian Formation (239-7100 + Ext.)
EEP (Early Education Program) Karen Rombach Ext. 34
Prayer Community Deacon John Giacci Ext. 32
PREP (Parish Religious Education Program) Mary Body Ext. 17
Summer Church Camp Deacon Joe Jackson (302) 239-4612
RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) Deacon John
and Flora Giacci
Baptismal Program Deacon John Giacci Ext.32
Marriage Sponsor Program Joe & Lorraine Jackson (302) 239-4612
Men's Faith Sharing Frank DeGennaro (302) 234-9428
Men's Group Jack Neill
Jim Ambrose
(302) 293-7707
(302) 304-5389
All Saints Catholic School Diana Thompson (302) 995-2231

Liturgy (239-7100 + Ext.)
Liturgy Committee Deacon John Giacci Ext.32
Ministers of the Eucharist Deacon John Giacci Ext.32
Lectors Deacon John Giacci Ext.32
Choir (Adult) / Cantors Michael Lundy Ext. 16
Handbell Choir Michael Lundy Ext. 16
Childrens' Choir Michael Lundy Ext. 16
WOW - Youth Choir Michael Lundy Ext. 16
Guitar Group Michael Lundy Ext. 16
Greeters Deacon John Giacci Ext.32
Altar Servers Deacon John Giacci Ext.32
Liturgical Schedules Deacon John Giacci Ext.32
Arts & Environment Deacon John Giacci Ext.32
Children's Liturgy of the Word
Sun. 9:00 Mass
Mary Body Ext.17
Ushers Deacon John Giacci Ext.32

Parish Life (239-7100 + Ext.)
Cub Scouts Greg Weaver (302) 239-1338
Boy Scouts Greg Weaver (302) 239-1338
Brownies Carla Allen (302) 894-1607
Girl Scouts Carla Allen (302) 894-1607
Cheerleaders Vicki Bouchat
Knights of Columbus Tom Green (302) 239-2499
Athletic Association Dave Lazear (302) 740-1202
Ladies Guild Rosemarie Morris
Janet Kook
(302) 239-7994
(302) 239-0605
Sages (Senior Group) Sylvia Loos
Bernie McKay
(302) 690-1292
(610) 274-0747
Legion of Mary Carol Allen (302) 478-2852
Prayer Line Deacon John Giacci Ext.32
Pastoral Council Linda Natali Ext.32
Finance Council Bill Foley (302) 239-6283
St. Patrick Cemetery Lisa Winnington Ext.11
CTM - Catholic Teen Ministry Ale Duszak and Dave Keegan (302) 593-7055
Young Adults - WILCYA Elise Mahoney WILCya

Social Concerns (239-7100 + Ext.)
St.Vincent dePaul Society Voice Mailbox Ext. 15
Lazarus Committee Rita Willis (610) 345-9156
Pro-Life Committee  Ann Courtney (302) 494-4138
Visitors for Christ-Hospital/Nursing Homes  Jack Neill (302) 239-7707
Mary, Mother of Hope House Noreen Constantine (302) 234-4207
Emmanuel Dining Room East Maggie Shellenberger (610) 274-0349
Emmanuel Dining Room South Leanne Renneisen (484) 508-8138
Meals on Wheels Kathy DiGirolamo (302) 234-9513
House of Joseph Leanne Renneisen (484) 508-8138
Sojourners' Place Leanne Renneisen (484) 508-8138

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