Mission Statement

St. Mary of the Assumption Church is a community of followers of Jesus Christ and belongs to the communion of the Roman Catholic Church. We have been called by the love of God to proclaim Jesus' Gospel in what we say and in how we live, to publicly celebrate God's presence in our lives, to build up our community of faith and strengthen mutual support among our members, and to work in loving service to all people. We pursue this mission through liturgy, prayer, hospitality, teaching and social ministries. This we do through the power and gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Our community's life centers upon the celebration of the Holy Eucharist and of the Sacraments of our Church, which are both signs and sources of the way of life we share.

Like the first community of Faith, St. Mary's Parish, the first Catholic parish in Delaware, began as a small mission gathered around the Eucharist. From those rural beginnings, we have emerged in recent decades as a youthful, dynamic, large and still growing parish, generously blessed with a wide range of talents, material resources and gifts of the Spirit of God. In many ways we are a prayerful community, yet it is our desire to grow deeper in prayer and stronger in witness to the Gospel.

In answering our call to serve, we have responded first to Our Lord and then to the members of our Church and residents of our local community, active parishioners, seniors and children. We want to continue this, and to do more to reach teens, new arrivals, inactive Catholics and the economically and spiritually poor, and to respond in faith to the needs and issues of the larger communities. In keeping with the vision and reforms of the Second Vatican Council, we will try to respond to the unique needs of God's people.

Our goal is to share the love of God and give glory to Our Lord Jesus Christ through every aspect of our community life. We pray to be guided in all things by the Spirit of God and sustained in all things by the Holy Eucharist. We hope to actively engage every member in the life and mission of our parish, according to their talents, needs and capacity. And we aspire to become more like that community on a hilltop described by Jesus (Matthew 5:14), touching all people we contact in the name of the Lord, so that they might know His love and live more fully human lives in a just, peaceful and harmonious society.

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